Northern Lakes Vaulters

Equestrian Vaulting is for Everyone!

If you love horses, dance, gymnastics and fun, equestrian vaulting is for you! Vaulting is the unique and growing sport which combines dance and gymnastics on the back of a moving horse. It is a wonderful way to develop coordination, balance, strength and creativity while working in harmony with the horse.

Who can vault?

Anyone! One of the beauties of this terific sport is that vaulters can be pre-schoolers or adults and any age in between. Although gymnastics or dance experience is a plus, neither are required to learn how to vault.

Our vaulting club, Northern Lakes Vaulters is located in Hugo, Minnesota. Our mission is to provide safe and fun vaulting opportunities to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. We vault several evenings each week. The club provides the horse, tack, equipment, lungers and coaches. Vaulting is the safest equestrian sport - it is done in a very controlled environment. The vaulter, lunger and horse work as a team with the lunger controlling the horse, the horse moving at a continuous walk, trot or canter gait and the vaulter performing. Follow us on Facebook. Want to find out more? Contact us ...

Vaulters may participate individually, in pairs, or as part of a team. Our practices include instruction on our vaulting barrels and on our vaulting horses. Our horses are professionally trained to be vaulting horses. Vaulters learn and perfect skills on our vaulting barrels before they are attempted on our horses. Our horses love to vault because they are given lots of love and attention from our trainers and vaulters.



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