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Join us!

Our club is small and friendly. There's a mix of ages, backgrounds and ability, from beginning walk to international competitors. Above all, we have a lot of fun together, we support one another in friendly competition. Our parents are pretty cool too!

If you are interested in checking out one of our practices, or finding out more about Northern Lakes Vaulters, contact coach Beth Whillock, 651-253-7088.


Sarah, our assistant vaulting coach, is 20 years old and student at the University of Minnesota. She has been vaulting for 8(ish) years and she loves to vault because it is a perfect combination of artistry, teamwork, and athleticism. She also loves her dutch warmblood Parry - who happens to be one of our main vaulting horses! Sarah is currently vaulting at a silver level.


Angelina is currently vaulting at preliminary trot and enjoys helping with our younger vaulters. She started vaulting about four years ago and has fun learning new freestyle skills. She is a regional horse and barrel champion and enjoys caring for horses.


Anna has been vaulting for two years. She also enjoys regular horseback riding.


Capri is 13 and brave vaulter. She is currently competeing at copper. She likes to help the other vaulters with vaulting. She did her first competition after vaulting a month, and the State Fair Demo in front of 3,000 people in her third month of vaulting. She loves vaulting on her vaulting horse, Belle.


Amelia has been vaulting for about a year and is in Advanced Walk classes. She is looking forward to moving up to trot and works very hard at practices. She loves horses and can always be counted on to help at demos and club activities.


Nicole is one of our walk vaulters and enjoys competing both as an individual and in pairs. She enjoys doing demos and standing on the horse.


Jubilee joined us in 2014. She had been thinking about going into gymnastics, but she also wanted to do something equestrian. While struggling to decide what she wanted to do, she came across our website and everything came together - gymnastics on a horse! She has enjoyed how much she has learned in a short period of time, she likes how we support each other as a team.


Eve is one of youngest vaulters, she's been vaulting for two years.